“Protean Life Productions”, may be a one-man band, but I enjoy working in this medium to explore intersections of interdisciplinary academics and multimedia creativity. Here is my current portfolio….


 “Hal Brown – The incomplete stories of an irregular guy” (2016)

“Hal Brown…” is an oral history documentary which spans almost 70 years, narrated by Mr. Hal Brown, a jewelry designer and story-teller who participated in amazing experiences reminiscent of Forrest Gump. These are the incomplete stories of an irregular guy.



 “The Lost Boys of Sudan: an Interview with Jany Deng” (2012)

“The Lost Boys of Sudan…” is a collaboration video created and developed for the course, “African Politics in Film”. It features Jany Deng, a director from the Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development (LBCLD)


“Dominican Republic” (2014)

For my first crack at editing images together coherently, I used iMovie. This is from a trip to the Dominican Republic. The places where I am eating are from Anthony Bourdain’s episode on the DR. 

Dominican Republic from Michael Mufasa on Vimeo.