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Long Distance

I recently discovered that two of my favorite artists have recorded a beautiful tune; “Long Distance Love”.

Here are world class Nigerian performers Keziah Jones and Nneka with a catchy tune that is romantic and nostalgic.

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As bad as it gets…

When all else falls by the wayside, I’ll still always have happiness. This is how that sounds….

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First Fridays Tonight

 There’s a moon out tonight… 


Back to Roosevelt Row tonight from 6pm-11pm. First Fridays art walk is a great place to gather, people-watch, eat, drink and be merry… oh, and there are over 100 vendors displaying an incredible variety of artwork.

And the weather is brochure-perfect. The sky is gorgeous.

Check out this sunset I caught the other day…


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One Year Ago


It was only one year ago…

Americans came together in numbers and demographics never seen before.


We voted for change.


We came through…


We celebrated…


But don’t lose hope. A huge change happened overnight on 11/4/08…

…but the long-term change will take perseverance.


Remember how far we’ve come…



Endeavor to Persevere


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One more from ONE


I just received a message from the concert tour coordinator that included a group shot.

(You can click on it for the large size)

There we are, the motley crew of volunteers that signed up over 2,000 new ONE members.

And took a lot of kissing pictures too!

~click here.

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November kicked off nicely at 6:30am with a 3 hour hike into South Mountain Park. The world’s largest municipal park, SouMou features over 16,000 acres of  Sonoran Desert wilderness. I joined a couple of my friends, Hytham and Brenda, and it was a lovely morning.


We came in from the east at Pima Canyon and wound our way on the National Trail until we came to the Mormon Loop. We looped around back on that. During the hike we came incredibly close to a pack of coyotes; which was something I hadn’t experienced before.

It was a great start to my “holiday diet” also. More outdoor fitness, healthy diet (except on those special days 🙂 ), and a decent night sleep. 

That was Sunday.

As for today, I took all that Halloween candy we had leftover to work. I had to get it out of my sight.

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