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Let it go, dear…


I saw Sarah Palin tell Wolf Blitzer that she is still concerned about President-elect Barack Obama’s “association with a non-repentent domestic terrorist…even though the campaign is over”.


Maybe we should be concerned about Sarah’s association with her pregnant-minor-daughter’s-soon-to-be-shotgun-married-hubby’s-mom who was recently arrested on felony drug charges in good ‘ol God-fearing Wasila, AK.

Maybe we should be concerned with a candidate for the Republican National Committee chairmanship who said Friday that the CD he sent committee members for Christmas – which included a song titled “Barack the Magic Negro” – was clearly intended as a joke.

Joke? hmmmm.

I guess there are those that encourage an inclusive, rational discourse through forward-thinking dignity and wisdom (Obama), and then there are those that spew vile divisiveness through fear-mongering, religious pretension and denegrating racial “humor” (Palin & Co.).  


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If the earth made a list. A to-do list. Clean up the US economy. Oversight on the criminal investment industry. Do we need to bring back more bartering? Greed should not be rewarded with bailouts. Money is the root of all evil. hmmmm I may have heard that before. Then Africa. While people starve, their leaders rape and pillage. The youth pulled towards radical fanaticism out of desperation. Given a face for the enemy, they get Uncle Sam. The creepy Uncle, when instead it could be the great Uncle. All the money spent on aggression could have just been used for good and we would of  earned the hearts of inherently good souls. But its too tangled now isn’t it. We need to finish what we started in Iraq. We’re told. Fly-overs continue. By the US Air Force and Iraqi shoes. Remember SCUD missiles? How far we’ve come from the good old days when Saddam and his goofy comrades puffed out their chests and cursed the infidels. We point our fingers at so many other countries who are unsettled and disruptive, and tell them to straighten up their acts. But its not just borders that create oppression and poverty, it’s people. “Leaders”. People that could take more accountability for their plight. People that have no idea how to create change. People too young and innocent to know anything else. So everyone does the best they can. Whether here for a long or short time. There are those that start at zero and can only hope to survive. Then there are those that start way ahead and are challenged by the choices they are able to make. But inherent in each of us is we start and end the same way; as part of the whole. The birth and death of each one; a spark of conscious energy, and a twinkle in the eye of God.  And the Earth glows.  


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World Music Video

 Weekly World Music

Keziah Jones (born Olufemi Sanyaolu on January 10, 1968 in Lagos, Nigeria) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist. He describes his musical style as “Blafunk”, which is a fusion between raw blues elements and hard, edgy funk rhythms. Also his African roots and soul music can be considered a major influence on his sound.

He is known for his distinctive style of guitarplaying, above all his percussive right-hand technique which is similar to bass player’s slapping technique. He’s also famous for playing most of his live shows with a bare torso.

Son of a chief Oso Dolamu Sanyaolu in a Yoruba tribe, he was being prepared to follow his father’s footsteps and was expected to have an academic career. But by the age of 13 he discovered the old school piano and taught himself how to play and write songs. Three years later he switched to the guitar, neglecting his studies more and more. After scraping through exams he went against his father’s wishes and family tradition even more by skipping school and trying out his songs in the streets, clubs and London Underground, constantly avoiding the police, the Immigration Departement – and his own relatives.

Keziah led a bohemian life for several years instead of the one envisaged for him, busking from London to Paris, accompanied by his guitar.

Here’s “Beautiful Emilie”…


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Can we talk it over?

Grayson Hugh… a classic from ’89.

“I must have been out of my head”.

This is smooth as silk.

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Ghana Elections


Congratulations to the people of Ghana. The West African democracy held major elections on Sunday 12/7 and all indications are that they continue to lead the way in peaceful, diverse, elections on the continent.

A run-off will be held on 12/28 between the top two Presidential vote getters because neither received 50% of the popular vote as required.

As reported on ghanaweb :

“While noting some procedural and organisational problems, foreign observers were full of praise for Ghana’s elections to choose a new parliament and a successor to President John Kufuor, who steps down in January after the maximum two terms.

Ghana is one of Africa’s few stable democracies and the election marks its fifth consecutive democratic vote. International election observers pronounced the first round free and transparent.”


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Wayne Dyer’s Movie

Yes, Wayne has a premiere for his new movie “Ambition to Meaning” all set for January 13th, 2009. Here’s the website. I preordered the expanded DVD for just $20 (free shipping).

There’s alot to be gleaned from ol’ Wayne. He may integrate the higher living strategies and advice from many other experts into his own presentations, however he is an original in how he ties it all together. There is a definite evolution in what he has been teaching since I read “Your Erroneous Zones” back in ’81, and I believe that it is this continued improvement of the message and its application that garners him deserved praise. No one of us who wants to live at a higher level of awareness thinks the same way we did 5-10+ years ago. The journey is mandatory.

Here’s a video from the movie and for what it’s worth I kind of like it.

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When it’s like this…

Its not easy to describe what its like sitting alone in a children’s hospital family waiting area while your son is approaching his 8th hour in surgery. Other families come and go, relieved that their little ones are doing well. Maybe it was ear tubes or tonsils out. I am happy for them.

The big double doors leading from the OR clack open loudly and heads turn to look; hoping it’s OUR nurse or surgeon with good news or at least an update.

Until it is “yours”, it pretty much sucks.

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