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Way behind…

This site has become woefully out-dated as I finish grad school. I keep paying the ten bucks a month to keep it lit however so there’s hope. I’m looking forward to updating it often after graduation in May. Until then, here’s some “proof” at least that I’ve been busy with academics (not to mention, life […]

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Now this…

Trying on a new hat. Michael Mufasa as filmmaker. As an interdisciplinarian (yes, that’s a word, but remains red-lined by most spell-checkers), I am often drawn not only to new ideas and theories, but also to new ways of expressing myself. So with apologies to Yogi Berra, I decided to take another fork in the […]

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Semester II

Okay. Semester II of Grad School is in the books. I’m hanging in there.

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Neo-Colonizing the Mind

      My application of Ngugi wa Thiongo’o’s concept of “colonizing the mind”.   Please click here: Prezi Presentation    

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Post-Colonial Studies Analysis

I stumbled on a seemingly innocuous tweet accompanied by a photo, both from Rainn Wilson (AKA Dwight Schrute from the sitcom “The Office”). The tweet: @rainnwilson “Meeting with some of the 1st girls we taught in Haiti @JPHPRO 5 yrs ago @LideHaiti” The accompanying image:   Analysis and Interpretation First let me presume what […]

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