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A Dream Realized

 Seven years ago, in the spring of 2010, a personal crisis hit. I woke up one day and found I had lost a client in my I/T work that significantly jeopardized the quality of  life for my sons and myself. Facing the prospects of an income that was approaching poverty level, I endeavored to think outside […]

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Idea for Research…

A popular meme going around lately goes something like this: You can support Jesus, or you can support Trump, but you can’t do both” – John Fugelsang. In other words, if you’re religious, you can’t possibly support Trump, a man with such an obscene history of greed, misogyny, bigotry, etc., that he could indeed be […]

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The Players

Just to get my feet wet again, I thought I’d paste some notes I’ve taken since January 20th…a day that will live in infamy. Here they are. Here are those great Americans who are NOT part of the swamp he’s draining. Please note, I am being sarcastic. I despise this president. I despise everything I […]

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New Posts Soon

I’ve been busy…who hasn’t, right? But I am going to make more of an effort to post weekly. Again, I don’t believe anyone is reading these, but that is not the point. Rather, I find the act of writing to be a great organizer of thought. I like being organized. From somewhere hot, MM  

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In an effort to keep you current (“you” lol, as if), here’s an updated blog post. Also, I couldn’t stand seeing my most recent post always coming up; “Way behind…”. I don’t do “way behind”. Anyway, since driving off the lot with a 2016 model Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree from ASU, I […]

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